The doctors rally to help Zara

As Zara looks up medical conditions that might explain Joe’s mysterious bruising, Daniel tells everyone at work that they are facing losing Joe and why. Heston insists on going to the house to help Zara with her research before the child protection experts do their worst. Al turns up too armed with laptop followed closely by Kevin. When Daniel comes home to a hive of activity, Zara whispers she can’t believe they are helping when she’s always so horrible to them.

Meanwhile, Karen’s feeling guilty about how she made things worse for Daniel and Zara and confides in Jimmi. As the day goes on, all the doctors rule out various conditions to narrow down their search, when Jimmi phones Al and suggests it could be Morphea. As the doctors find a German research paper supporting Jimmi’s theory, Zara phones the doctor who wrote it and he sends over a translation. Daniel tells Karen they may have found their silver lining…

Later, the ‘Supremes’ are rehearsing for the talent show but Emma snaps at Karen and Mandy for not taking it seriously, and tempers fray as they can’t decide on which song to perform. After much bickering, Karen finally snaps – poor Daniel and Zara have faced an absolute nightmare this week and Mandy and Emma are squabbling like children. They should be ashamed of themselves!

Also, as a student’s future hangs in the balance, Chris and Barry try to help but don’t realise how bad things are.