The Doctor’s Wife

A magical episode from the pen of acclaimed fantasy novelist Neil Gaiman, and with a title guaranteed to intrigue, The Doctor’s Wife is truly bewitching. When the Doctor receives a distress signal, via the rarely used Time Lord Emergency Messaging System, he must jettison a few rooms (goodbye, swimming pool) in the TARDIS to embark on a dangerous mission outside of the universe.

Landing on a planet that looks more like a scrap metal junkyard, the Doctor, Amy and Rory meet a family of oddballs going by the names of Auntie, Uncle and Idris (played by Surannce Jones), plus an Ood called Nephew.

While dotty Idris reveals herself to be the most important woman in the Doctor’s life – a human embodiment of his TARDIS – the Doctor’s travelling companions are placed in grave danger on board the actual TARDIS. While they’re tormented by a demonic force, the Doctor and Idris attempt to build a new time machine from scraps of old TARDISes.