Enter the Great Dragon as the second series of this magical, mystical family drama reaches its exciting conclusion. The mighty beast is free from his underground cave, where King Uther has held him since the end of the Great Purge.

At the beginning of the series, Merlin was forced to promise the Dragon that he would eventually release him as long he continued to help Merlin battle Camelot’s enemies. But, as Merlin saw in the Crystal of Niahtid (in episode 11), the Dragon attacks Camelot.

Uther and Arthur have fought and won against many enemies, but the Dragon is relentless and merciless in its swooping attacks on the kingdom. The fairytale castle has been targeted again and again and is looking more like a ruin. Arthur and his faithful knights are putting up resistance but they’re fighting a losing battle.

What they need is a Dragonlord, the only person who can kill a dragon. But Uther had them all killed years ago… At least, he thinks he did.

Gaius knows there is one remaining Dragonlord, called Balinor (John Lynch – The Passion). It’s not something Gaius would normally admit to, but even Uther sees that he has to put his prejudices aside. Now all Arthur and Merlin have to do is find Balinor and convince him to help them save his enemy, Uther, and Camelot.