The drinks are on Alicia!

At The Woolpack, an angry lady called Tina walks in and throws a drink over Alicia and accuses her of screwing her out of her husband’s inheritance. As Leyla looks on she soon works out where Alicia’s money has come from – her recently-deceased boss Keith Cheesedale! Leyla is furious that Alicia and David have ripped her off – what will she do to get what’s owed to her?

Disgusted by the way Val has been treated by Tiny, the villagers unite in a show of support by boycotting the delivery man. Touched, Val decides to repay their kindness by giving a talk about living with HIV in the pub. How will it be received by the locals?

Even though she isn’t even engaged, Kerry is determined to win the wedding competition so she begins her webcam video in her newly-acquired bridal gown. But when Dan catches her in the act, will she be able to cover her tracks?