Desperate Debbie’s plan for revenge has backfired. Hiding Cameron’s kids in her house and watching with sick satisfaction as he and Chas panicked and ran all over looking for them wasn’t clever, it was evil. So when Chas throws a drink in Debbie’s face no one steps forward to help Debbie dry off, not even her own mother, Charity. So, will Debbie behave herself from now on? She promises Charity she will… But outside the pub, on her own, Debbie makes a call to Robbie – and it’s not a social call.

The man Debbie should really be talking to is Cain. Instead, he confronts her… Cain blames Debbie for Moira’s miscarriage and tells her if she pulls one more stunt like taking Cameron’s kids she is on her own; he’ll wash his hands of her. Then Cain turns on Moira, believing she’s glad she lost their baby. But she’s not and she wants him to still want her…and he does, and they grieve together.

Nicola wants Angelica to get into a good church school – and has been telling lies to get what she wants. But now the school wants to make a home visit and they think Nicola’s home is Home Farm. Why would they think that? Well, that was Steve’s idea. He’s a bad bloke and he’s a bad influence on Nicola.