The drinks are on Diane and Chas!

Diane tells Chas she wants to talk pork scratchings with her. Eh? Right, what Diane’s proposing is this: as she can’t lower her asking price for The Woolpack and as Chas can’t afford her asking price, how about they go into partnership? What a brilliant idea! The two women shake on it and launch a trial run before they sign on the dotted line. Cheers!

Kelly and Nicola are two women who won’t be shaking hands any time this century. Kelly wants Nicola to know Elliot is Jimmy’s son, but doesn’t want to be seen as a wicked witch for telling her – and doesn’t want to wait for Jimmy to do it. So Kelly uses Rodney to do her dirty work. She has a drink with him in The Woolpack and tells him just enough for him to realise Jimmy is Elliot’s father. Enter Nicola, who’s furious to see her dad chatting with Kelly. Rodney takes Nicola to one side and tells her exactly what Kelly hoped he would tell her: Jimmy is the father of Kelly’s son.

Alicia’s not telling Leyla and David where she got the money to buy Jacob a big birthday present. But they’ve got their suspicions.

*Second episode*

Confused Jimmy is even more confused by Kelly’s insistence that they were deeply in love before he bumped his head and forgot everything. He goes to see Nicola but she’s not talking to him (understandably she’s not at all happy about the Jimmy-Kelly-Elliot family unit). Jimmy doesn’t know how he’s going to choose between the women and children, but ever-helpful Kelly tells him that’s easy; before he lost his memory he’d already decided to leave Nicola.

Chas is finding her new place behind the bar at The Woolpack very convenient – especially for winding up punters she doesn’t like, such as Carl. Well, he tries to wind up Chas first by taunting her about being a lowly barmaid. Chas calmly asks Diane when she can start barring nasty customers then explains to a puzzled Carl how she’s actually a bit more than a barmaid. Hee-hee.

Alicia’s not offering any credible explanation for how she afforded an expensive birthday present for Jacob. She’s happy her son (well, Leyla’s son…) is happy and wants to share the feel-good moment with Andy, inviting him to stay the night.