The Duckies celebrate 50 years of bliss

Jack and Vera celebrate their golden wedding anniversary at the Rovers with a party organised by Molly, Tyrone and Paul. Paul has supplied the food and bubbly and Jack serenades Vera after giving a soppy speech about their years together. But while the couple enjoy the festivities, Paul slips out and rifles through Jack’s stash tin, but he’s interrupted when Jack and Vera return home. What is he up to?

Jason is worried about David’s threat to kill his family the previous day, not knowing how much the teenager is capable of. When Gail rails at David for not collecting his one GCSE result, Jason tells Gail to calm down, worried that she could be pushing David closer to the edge! David reveals that he did get his result – and it was an A-star, just as he told them it would be – and the family are gobsmacked.

Jerry arrives late for his date with Eileen at the Italian and he’s flustered but he starts to relax over dinner. Eileen tells Jerry that she’s looking for someone to have a fun, uncomplicated time with and he agrees whole-heartedly.