Is it the end for Kat?

Will Kat's risk end her life?

Ash wakes up in prison and Murray is left confused when he finds him there. Ash explains what happened, so Murray orders him to get to the hospital and says the police will track down Robbo and Kat. Robbo and Kat are racing away in their car and Kat tells Robbo she is prepared to sacrifice everything to start a new life with him and the baby.

However, Robbo crashes the car and while he is OK, Kat’s bleeding and losing blood at a rapid rate. He does everything he can to help her, but she tells him to run. Robbo painfully says goodbye and an ambulance rushes Kat to hospital. Tori leads the charge to save Kat and the baby – will they survive?

Also, Ryder is awkward around Coco and tells Roo he’s never liked anyone as much as he likes Coco. Meanwhile, when Coco admits she doesn’t have that much experience with boys, Raffy decides to take matters into her own hands…