The end of a beautiful friendship?

Garry reveals to Heather that Hazel does love Minty but forced him to lie and now Minty blames him for the split. Garry tries to make up with Minty, but Minty isn’t having any of it. Heather visits Minty to try to sort things out between the two friends. But when the wedding magazine people turn up for the photoshoot, Heather panics and pretends she’s Hazel!

Chelsea is furious when she realises that Clare is Booty’s new receptionist and she plots to drive Clare out. Chelsea advertises a half price offer and Clare is swamped. But Clare manages the chaos and an impressed Tanya makes her assistant manageress! Clare tricks Chelsea to get her into trouble with Tanya, but then covers for her and she makes it clear to Chelsea that she has the upper hand.

Stacey is having money troubles and she is behind on the rent for her stall. Jean suggests she hold a sale to raise some fast cash. Steven helps Stacey sell her stock and they make a killing. Stacey gets an offer of some bargain stock from a sharp-suited man called Roger, but the deal is not all it seems…

Also, Ian evicts Christian after he brings a bloke back to the house.

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