The end of an era for Charlie

Tess’s last day at Holby starts with a bang as she and Charlie witness a woman being dragged under the wheels of a car in a hit-and-run. Charlie’s day gets worse when a shopping centre’s Santa visits the ED – he’s been beaten up by thugs and, when he describes the gang, Charlie thinks that son Louis was involved.

Later, Charlie confronts the driver involved in the hit-and-run, Jason, and ends up punching him. Jason hits Charlie back and gets arrested. Left with no choice, Harry asks Charlie to resign for hitting Jason in the first place. This means that Tess is now staying – and the ED’s longest-serving nurse must say his goodbyes.

Also, Tess and Toby treat a woman who fainted on a bus. Shortly after, a mystery caller alerts the medics to an abandoned baby. It’s the woman’s child, but why did she abandon it – and who made the call?

And Abs, Kelsey, Big Mac, Alice and Nadia hang up some mistletoe and charge people for kisses – and Charlie and Maggie get caught under it…