At the flat, Tina and Peter are unable to resist each other and make love on the sofa. Peter promises Tina they’ll sneak as much time together as they can and hands Tina a set of keys to his flat. However, as Peter makes his way to Paris to meet Carla, Tina really isn’t up for having an affair.

Over dinner, Pat continues to flirt with Anna but Valerie and Owen remain oblivious. Anna’s left mortified when Owen admits the card was from him, but Pat’s amused, realising she thought it was from him.

Todd interrupts Marcus and Maria’s Valentine’s meal and lies to them, telling them Liam had a bad dream. Maria immediately rushes home leaving Todd with Marcus, but that was clearly Todd’s plan all along.

Also, Tony and Eva are adamant Jason’s being taken for a mug and should negotiate a better rate of pay; and, determined to wreck their happiness, Gloria lets slip to Rita that Dennis spent the night with her.