The end of Waterloo Road?

It’s the last ever series – and headmaster Vaughan has a battle on his hands with the council, who want to merge Waterloo Road with rival school Havelock High.

Vaughan has come up with a madcap plan to save the school. He’s devised a high-risk ‘second chance’ strategy. He enrols troubled pupils other schools have excluded to set Waterloo Road apart. But he fails to confide in his trusted staff – who are at a loss with how to deal with antisocial newcomers Kenzie, Scott and Dale.

It isn’t long until sparks fly! Kenzie (Broadchurch star Charlotte Beaumont) and Scott have a shared secret past that turns violent on the first day of term. New deputy head Lorna (Laura Aikman) repeatedly clashes with English teacher Christine. The tension is turned up further when Vaughan’s ex-wife Olga announces she’s his new supply teacher!

After Vaughan is rude to Olga she mischievously turns on the school’s new Tannoy system. The whole school overhears a private conversation between Vaughan and Lorna regarding the planned closure of Waterloo Road.

Vaughan does some serious grovelling and manages to get his senior staff on board with his new ‘second chance’ strategy. Meanwhile, Scott is revealed as a womaniser before the credits roll – he beds the newly transformed ‘Boring Bonnie’ and then head’s round to Kenzie’s house and reignites his affair with her mother Ailsa.

Meanwhile, Lorna manages to connect with wayward Kenzie when she discovers the teenager is a fulltime carer for her MS stricken mother and also illiterate…