David, Gail, Audrey and Nick all attend Kylie’s first drug counselling session in support. But when Michael turns up Kylie worries that David won’t be able to keep his thoughts to himself.

While Anna, Tim and Gary prepare for the christening, Faye is dreading the day ahead and when Tim witnesses Faye snapping at baby Miley he’s left feeling concerned. During the service she plays on her phone, while an awkward Jackson sits with her parents. Tim is overcome with emotion as he gives a reading, but as the pressure becomes unbearable for Faye she runs out.

Dev attempts to impress Talisa with his weight-lifting skills in the gym, but as Mary witnesses his flirting she worries for Julie. Unaware of Dev’s changing feelings, Julie is giving Brian his marching orders.

Tracy is unimpressed to be greeted by Brian at the breakfast table, wearing Ken’s kimono. Fiz and Tyrone sense Cathy might be starting to see Roy as more than a friend.