The feeling’s mutual for Kyle and Georgia

Kyle starts work on Toadie’s poolside but Georgia has the day off and her sunbathing is clearly a distraction for him. They decide to put the misunderstanding over Rhys behind them and just be friends again but when Georgia hurts her foot and Kyle comes to the rescue, it’s clear the attraction is mutual. Sheila makes an appearance, however, and sees what’s going on. Determined to protect her grandson after his break-up with Jade, she warns Georgia to stay away from Kyle. She has a boyfriend after all.

Chris embarks on a desperate plan to get the Lassiters car fixed before Paul finds out, asking a dodgy panel beater to do the job. He also admits his flashback to Andrew and when Tash finds out, she wonders if he’s suffering from post-traumatic stress. Chris believes it’s a one-off but when he tries sitting in the car again, he suffers another flashback.

On her son’s eighteenth birthday, Lauren wishes they could all be together and Lou notices his daughter’s lingering sadness. At school, Amber turns down Kate’s offer of extra tuition but Bailey presses her to try harder at school and she eventually agrees. At her lunchtime session, she confesses to Kate that she has a secret boyfriend at home. Meanwhile, Lou returns home to find a burglar in the house.