*First episode*
Sonia helps a grief-stricken Martin get ready for Pauline’s funeral and reassures him that she’ll help him get through the day. Rebecca is still afraid of Sonia after witnessing her argument with Pauline on Christmas Day, despite Sonia’s attempts to reassure her daughter. Rebecca runs to Martin and hugs him tight, whilst throwing a suspicious look at Sonia.

Ian is finding his Aunty Pauline’s death almost too much to bear, but he keeps himself busy organising the food for the wake. In the Vic, Joe apologises to everyone for his attitude towards Pauline’s death and begs Martin’s forgiveness as he now wants to attend the funeral. As the hearse and funeral cars arrive, Ian makes an emotional speech and raises a toast to Pauline.

Shirley turns up in the Square, clutching the Wicks’ address and she prepares herself to face her estranged family. Kevin is stunned to see Shirley and he drags her back to the tube station, despite her pleas to hear her out. Shirley insists that she’s sorry for the past and all she wants is to see her children. Meanwhile, Carly watches the pair argue from afar…

Also, an anxious Jim asks May to drop in on Dot before the funeral.

*Second episode, 9.30pm*
Carly is suspicious after seeing Kevin’s furious argument with the woman she and Deano bumped into in Dorset and she realises that Shirley and Kevin have some kind of connection.

Carly catches up with Shirley and gets her to go for a drink and later to come to the house before she leaves Walford. Kevin is furious to find her in his home but he’s frozen to the spot when Deano arrives home and Carly calmly announces that Shirley is their mum.

Dot is worried when Rebecca slips away from the mourners before the funeral and she finds her sitting on a bench. Dot encourages Rebecca to reveal what’s bothering her and is horrified when Rebecca blurts out what she saw on the day of Pauline’s death.

Sonia has found out that Rebecca is on her own with Dot and, in a panic, she sets off to find them. They all return to the crematorium for the funeral but as the coffin is about to be cremated, proceedings are called to a shocking halt when the police turn up.