The First – C4

Sci-fi drama about the first manned mission to Mars, following the five astronauts sent to establish a permanent settlement. Starring Sean Penn and Natascha McElhone

Double Oscar winner Sean Penn is undeniably magnetic in this epic new series about man’s quest to land on Mars.

It’s the year 2031 and cars are voice activated, there’s a female American president and a rocket is due to send a team of astronauts up to the red planet for the first time.


A big leap for mankind: Natascha McElhone and crew prepare for the first flight to Mars

Sean’s character Tom is kicked off 
the mission not long before countdown and we’re left guessing as to why.

With Tom forced to watch on TV at home, we see him react as historic events unfold…

With gloriously cinematic shots, brilliant performances, big themes and intriguing characters, this might just be your next TV obsession.

TV Times rating: *****