Perdy looks forward to a quiet recovery at home with Gray by her side, but her peace is shattered by a nosy Rosemary. When Rosemary works out that there’s more to Perdy’s stay in hospital than she’s letting on, Perdy is forced to admit to the hysterectomy. Rosemary is devastated when she realises that she will never have grandchildren and she pours out her grief to a sympathetic Zak.

The villagers are horrified to awake and discover that the cows have destroyed all their hard work on the floats and Turner says the pageant will have to be cancelled. Louise is furious and, after her spat with Turner the previous night, she accuses him of sabotage. The villagers are quick to join in with Louise’s accusation and a guilty Belle looks on.

Also, Scarlett is disappointed when Carrie refuses her request to move to Emmerdale, but Carrie is later troubled when she finds a bullying text on Scarlett’s phone. Carrie is also wrong-footed by Jimmy’s growing paternal influence on Scarlett and she wonders how long she can refuse Scarlett’s wishes.