As Becky vows to help Jason celebrate his birthday in style at the pub with cheap beer, a stripper and a new jukebox the bar grows rowdier, much to Stella’s disgust. When Chris then has a dig at Frank and a few drinks get spilt in the process an ugly brawl breaks out. It seems that Becky‘s fun plans turn have turned into all-out war and she is unable to quell the commotion as Steve arrives home.

Maria’s horrified to hear the gossip about Carla second-hand, and when she and Frank arrive at work together the rumours escalate. Maria’s appalled and when they walk into the Rovers together she confronts them, demanding to know if they’re a couple – and they tell her they are.

Izzy discovers Gary lied to her about Will’s visit. When she bumps into Will, he reveals he called at the flat, but it seems Gary didn’t pass on his message. She erupts, demanding to know why Gary lied to her.

Also, Anna gets news from the adoption agency; Peter and Leanne invite Stella and Karl to dinner to thank her for preventing the robbery.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Steve‘s furious as he surveys the damage and orders everyone out of the pub, including Becky. But Becky refuses insisting it’s her house too and she’s staying. Steve’s flabbergasted and as he wonders how he’s going to force Becky out he comes up with a shocking proposition to bribe her into leaving the pub.

As Izzy and Gary row over his underhand tactics in keeping her away from Will he struggles to explain why he did what he did. Izzy worries there’s more to it than just jealousy, and Gary reveals that he is desperately insecure.

Stella is on edge as she and Karl arrive at Leanne’s for dinner, keen to make a good impression. She gets on well with Leanne and it’s clear the pair are bonding.

Also, Carla and Frank grow closer as he continues to be the perfect gentleman, but she still has feelings for Peter.

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