The funeral’s a grave affair for Andy

The fire that Andy fought so bravely has taken a terrible toll on the villagers and they have to gather for the funeral of one of their own. Andy’s not so sure he’ll find any friends there, though, even though he risked his own life to save others. The trouble is that a lot of residents believe he set the fire. Not all, though, says Diane, and Ryan says he shouldn’t let vicious gossip prevent him paying his respects. So Andy turns up at the church with Ryan. But that’s where the support ends. His neighbours are surprised to see him and angrily demand that he leaves!

Charity angrily demands that Cain backs off and lets her get on with her job without threats of violence towards her employer. Yes, she’s heard about him coming over all Neanderthal and threatening Jai and tells him that his immature behaviour could cost her her job – and for no good reason. Charity warns Cain not to push her, but he seems to be determined to push even harder as the suggestion that she could lose her job is music to his ears.

Their constant bickering is not music to Debbie’s ears, though. If they’re not careful, she just might decide to take off again.

*Second episode*

Katie’s copper friend Henshall is on hand to restore order at the funeral and he does it by ordering Andy to leave. Does Henshall do that, though, so the dead can be buried in peace – or does he do it to encourage the villagers to believe Andy’s the reason they’re in mourning? Andy’s devastated and angry. As he explains to Debbie, he risked his own life to save his neighbours and he didn’t expect to be treated so badly. But calm down, Andy – because when you’re angry you do stupid things…

Lisa’s angry, too, and no wonder. Derek, the hideous excuse of a man who raped her, is enjoying drinks and laughs with the girls from the factory because they don’t know what he did. Zak, though, finally realises that Lisa and Derek have fallen out over something.

If you’ve been threatened by Cain the smart thing would be to steer well clear of him. But Jai thinks the smart thing is to talk to him. Cain really doesn’t want to hear anything Jai has to say, especially that he can’t stop Charity having an affair – but that’s what Jai tells him…

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