VJ has been hiding the letters Elijah has sent him. When Leah catches him acting strangely, she searches around and finds the letters, but can’t bring herself to read them.

She asks Irene’s advice but Irene says it’s up to her. She thinks it’s VJ’s way of dealing with losing Elijah. Leah is upset that VJ is lying to her but decides against confronting him.

Bianca and Liam are nestled on the library floor. They’re woken by the school bell. How are they going to get out without being caught? They avoid the Librarian and manage to slip out, but Gina finds Bianca’s scarf on the ground. She asks what they were doing, but they assure her it was nothing untoward.

John is supporting April and Xavier’s recycling project, but he’s running it more like a military operation than a community effort. He makes it clear to Xavier that this is a favour to him and gives him flyers to hand out, much to Xavier’s disgust.

Alf tells John that people have heard about the potential ban, and aren’t pleased about it. John doesn’t present Alf with a convincing argument. But later, John deals with a Townie in the bar and Xavier is impressed by how he talks about the project.

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