The Game

When Susan announces plans for a games night, Bree, Lynette and Gabrielle see it as ideal opportunity to get new neighbour Katherine drunk so that she reveals more about herself. Meanwhile, Bree recommends an obstetrician to Susan – and Susan is less than impressed to find the place is crawling with junkies and lowlifes.

With Adam and Katherine over at Susan’s, Julie snoops around the forbidden room to find out more about Katherine’s dark secret. At the party, Gaby gets angry when Edie boasts about her engagement to Carlos, and begins to flirt with Adam. Carlos calls his hit man and orders him to ‘step up’ the plans for Edie.

Lynette can’t keep any food down but she soon gets into the party spirit when her mum, Stella, feeds her brownies laced with pot. Lynette is annoyed with Stella for drugging her without her knowing, but Stella says it was worth it to see Lynette happy – and eating.

Katherine catches Julie and Dylan in Dylan’s old room and forbids him to see Julie again. As she prepares the room alone for her aunt, she pulls up the rug and sobs over what looks like a bullet hole in the wooden floor…

Also, Susan calls a truce with Bree; Victor learns about Gaby’s affair with John and tries to work out how to ‘spin’ the revelation; and Bree gets a call from the convent: Danielle’s had a fall and might lose the baby.