The gang throws Mandy a surprise party

It’s Mandy’s last day, and she’s dreading her appointment with Mortis, but his behaviour concerns her after he says some nonsensical phrases. Mandy consults Heston who reveals that Mortis suffers from deep depression. She finds him on the top of an allotment roof and coaxes him safely to the ground. Later, she returns to The Mill and her colleagues pounce on her with a surprise party.

Meanwhile, Karen attempts to seduce Rob on their day off, but he’s too preoccupied to notice. Irritated, she begins ‘distressing’ his mother’s old cabinet when he leaves for his dentist’s appointment. When he comes back, he discovers a cheap brooch under the sofa and, resigned, he begins to throw it away when Karen stops him as she remembers that he gave it to her long ago. They laugh about their early days and Karen finally gets Rob to herself.