A creepy outsider disturbs the lives of a well-to-do married couple in this cunningly wrapped psychological thriller, the directing debut of co-star and writer Joel Edgerton.

He plays the story’s interloper, socially awkward Gordo, who starts pestering old school fellow Simon (Jason Bateman) and his wife Robyn (Rebecca Hall) with unwanted gifts and visits after the three enjoy a chance encounter in an LA store.

We know what’s coming, or so we imagine. But just when we think the film is offering us more yuppie-in-peril suspense, it turns out to have more layers than we expected. Edgerton does a terrific job of racking up tension – the expanse of glass in the couple’s stunning modernist house itself becomes unsettling – and he delivers some good sudden jolts, too.

And the more we learn about Bateman’s glib executive, Hall’s emotionally fragile wife and weird loner Gordo, the more our sympathies shift.