The girls’ footy team is in big trouble

Waterloo Road’s first ever girls’ football match kicks off and the girls are keen to look good. But with no money for a new football kit, pupils Janeece and Maxine decide to raise some cash by selling tickets for a fake raffle.

Meanwhile, Jasmine ends up jeopardising the footy match by putting half the team in detention. When a tearful Jasmine runs out of school, Eddie is forced to step in and tries to find a compromise to save the beautiful game.

Elsewhere, Jack’s struggling to cope: he’s been grilled on budgets by school adviser Ria Cheetham and has had a row with Tom over the raffle ticket scam. But when Steph agrees to meet him after work, they enjoy more than a few drinks…

Also, Donte is doing all he can for new wife Chlo – but she seems more interested in Brett.

VIDEO: Watch a preview of Waterloo Road