The girls’ plan goes belly-up

Ronnie and Roxy are excited about their plans to buy the club but when Ronnie calls the estate agents she’s gutted that someone has offered a higher bid. Meanwhile, Peggy is still behaving in a shifty manner and when two nasty types turn up looking for ‘Mrs Mitchell’ she pretends that ‘she’ isn’t in. Ronnie approaches Peggy about loaning the extra money to secure the club and Peggy is forced to admit that she owes a loan company £40,000!

Minty is feeling miserable after Hazel’s comments about his stomach and he vows to embark on a diet and fitness regime. Minty helps Shabnam carry some boxes into the post office as a start to his new fitness programme, but he collapses in pain.

Darren is desperate to start work for Kevin at the car lot but Kevin has already given Carly a job. Kevin sets Darren an almost impossible task of selling a clapped-out banger for £200 and tells him that if he manages it, he’ll offer him the job. Meanwhile, Carly is bored in a suit at the car lot and she decides to return to the Arches.

Also, Bradley invites his mum Rachel to look after the wedding preparations; Denise helps Shabnam out of a fix at the post office.

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