The gloves are off in the battle for Leo! (VIDEO)

It’s Marlon’s day in court and he’s nervous (it’s a natural reaction for a Dingle, even when they’re the victim…). Laurel’s by his side, though, which makes him feel better, but Rhona is furious. Now it’s clear to her where her friend’s loyalties lie – and they’re not with her. The judge’s feelings aren’t with Rhona and Paddy, either. The ruling is that Leo has to stay in the UK for a follow-up hearing in six weeks. Rhona’s shocked and angry and has no intention of letting Marlon enjoy his small victory. She tells him she’ll win custody eventually and when she does she’ll take Leo somewhere far away – and she won’t ever bring him back. Now Marlon’s doubly worried!

Jimmy’s worried about what Carl will do if he doesn’t cough up for the trucks. Nicola’s confident Carl won’t throw them out but, really, should she be? Carl threw them out once before, remember… None of this is worrying Charity, though. She’s on a mission to rebrand the business and drives up in a truck plastered with Noah and Angel’s faces.

Nikhil’s face is a picture when Gennie tells him she has no intention of living with his family once their baby is born. She has other ideas…