Barry delights in telling Mrs Tembe that his ‘counter enforcement measures’ have got rid of their graffiti problem. But when Jimmi reveals the graffiti artist has struck again, Barry decides it’s time to teach them a lesson and settles into a bush with his binoculars determined to catch the culprit in the act. Unfortunately, Barry falls asleep and wakes suddenly to discover the appearance of new ‘artwork’.

Jimmi takes a photo claiming its evidence but actually forwards the image to Al who feels he should share it with everyone at The Mill – but Howard doesn’t take kindly to Al’s suggestion that the graffiti is actually quite witty and that they should leave it.

Meanwhile, Rob secretly visits Heston at The Mill, wanting to know if Karen will ever get her memory back, and is awkwardly informed there’s a possibility she might never recover her memories of him or their children. Later, Rob returns to tell Karen he’s had enough and has accepted a new job elsewhere. He looks to Karen still hoping she’ll beg him to stay but she tells him it’s for the best – for both of them.

Also, Zara sees a patient who insists her cheating boyfriend has given her an STI. They later go their separate ways and we learn someone is determined to keep them apart permanently. Zara offers advice – but is the damage beyond repair?