A comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and John Candy and scripted by John Hughes should have been a sure-fire winner.

However, despite a few belly laughs, this is too lackadaisical and content to simply coast along on the strength of its stars – and, to be fair, they are certainly worth watching.

Candy is on holiday in a Wisconsin lakeside resort with his wife, Stephanie Faracy, and kids. Aykroyd and Annette Bening are Candy’s insufferable in-laws who invite themselves along and keep spoiling things.

The very variable gags take in an (obviously model) bat, a 109-year-old man, Candy eating a huge meal and some wisecracking little animals who speak in subtitles.

An insipid teen romance involving Candy’s son, Chris Young, slows things down, but if you hang around till the end there is a very amusing sequence involving a bald bear.