As the grumpy, green-faced Grinch, Jim Carrey doesn’t believe in Christmas and does his best to spoil things for the folks who do.

Set in the town of Whoville (which exists inside a snowflake) and based on Dr Seuss’ classic children’s book about the true spirit of Christmas, this big-budget but faithful adaptation from director Ron Howard presses all the right buttons in terms of yuletide sentimentality.

Only the supremely cynical will failed to be taken in by the movie’s charm and even those viewers who are not fans of Carrey will be moved by his complex and affecting performance.

We learn the Grinch was ostracised by the townsfolk as a child and is (understandably) embittered by his experience.

He now lives outside the town on a rubbish dump and when he sees the Whos preparing excitedly for Christmas, he sets out to ruin the holiday season for them – but can the touching belief of little Cindy Lou Who (Taylor Momsen) finally redeem him?