The guest lodge turns into a 5-star disaster

There’s a load of financial trouble at Leopard’s Den as business still isn’t flourishing, so Sarah plans new luxury accommodation to attract rich guests. Danny’s struggling to juggle mending the fences, his veterinary practice and the health of his animals.

When a zebra dies unexpectedly, and he needs to stop whatever killed it spreading to other animals. But some slip through damaged fencing into the neighbouring reserve, Mara, angering the manager, Fatani (Thapelo Mokoena).

As Danny tries to smooth things over he finds two, non-indigenous tiger cubs in Fatani’s ‘zoo for endangered species’ and is outraged. When the new fencing isn’t delivered the following day, Danny is informed that his cheque bounced.

Fatani later accuses Danny of taking his missing tiger cubs and in retaliation, Fatani lures away workers from Leopard’s Den with the promise of instant cash. Things go from bad to worse when Danny learns that his lab bills are still outstanding. This makes him realise it was all down to Sarah and Caroline’s spending.

Danny works out that Evan is involved in the missing tiger cubs. Fatani threatens police action if they’re not returned but he doesn’t bank on the combined force of the Trevanions and their desire to protect these rare animals.

When the inspector arrives the next day the lodges are still far from finished he’s appalled at the shambolic nature of the place. Message learnt, Sarah has come to understand that Leopard’s Den isn’t about superficial luxuries.