The guilt is eating at Hannah

Suzanne is riddled with guilt over Hannah’s anorexia and wonders where she went wrong as a mum. It doesn’t help that Neville can’t understand Hannah’s condition and cannot comprehend why she won’t eat. Unable to know what to do, a fraught Suzanne gathers the family together for a meeting, hoping the family will pull together for Hannah’s sake.

With her dad in prison, tuition fees looming and completely broke, Jessica is at a real low. So when Darren starts moaning about having to find new bar staff, Zoe persuades him to give Jessica a go. Although she is appalled at the idea of working with Darren, Jessica has little alternative. But she does little to endear herself to her new boss with the attitude that bar work is beneath her.

Although Nancy is pleased that Russ is making an effort to get his life back together, she confides in Jake that Russ is cramping their style and she wants him out. Jake is left to break the news to a still heartbroken Russ.

It’s clear Sasha still holds a torch for Fletch, so she’s thrilled when he agrees to give her guitar lessons. But things don’t go as planned when furious Michaela turns up and drags Fletch away.