Hearing that Wayne has been pestering Katherine, Adam offers to warn him off, but Katherine’s been getting in some shooting practice at the local firing range and replies that it won’t be necessary. Later, at Dylan’s recital, Wayne attacks Adam in the car park and drags him unconscious to his car.

Susan and Mike can’t decide on a name for their new baby boy. Then Mike discovers that his grandfather has died and immediately wants to name the baby Maynard after him. Susan’s friends think this is an awful name, however, and try to persuade her to change it.

Following Kayla’s complaint against her, the Child Protection Services warn Lynette that the custody of all her children could be in jeopardy if anything else happens. Then Kayla accuses Lynette of burning her arm and she is immediately arrested.

When Bree spurns the advances of the recently-separated Reverend Green, the pastor decides to take revenge and prepares to deliver a sermon denouncing her as a ‘redheaded harlot’. Orson discovers the reverend’s plan and decides to put an end to it, with unexpected consequences.

Meanwhile, when Ellie discovers Gabrielle and an undercover cop planting a bug in her room, Gabby tries to conceal their activities by saying that she’s having an affair with the ‘handyman’. But Ellie is not impressed and decides to tell Carlos…