The hangover

Freshly qualified nurse Barbara Gilbert arrives to take up her position at Nonnatus and is extremely anxious to prove herself. But a late night drinks’ party proves disastrous for her and she is upset at having got off on the wrong foot.

Later Barbara comes up with a clever scheme to help a new mother overcome difficulties feeding her baby and earns the respect of all her colleagues.

Trixie faces one of the most emotionally draining cases of her career, when a family of severely neglected children are discovered. As she strives to restore the children’s health and bring happiness into their lives, Tom is filled with admiration for the woman he loves.

Shelagh finds she is needed at the surgery almost as much as she is at home and between them, the Turners broker a domestic deal that breaks the mould for the 1950s.

Sister Evangelina finally agrees to undergo medical tests for her abdominal pain.