The hearts have grown fonder

*First episode*

Steve and Eileen return from Malta and get a lift back from the airport by Lloyd. Steve is delighted to see Amy again and he tells an unconvinced Liz that he’s well and truly over Michelle. But he may well be eating his words when Lloyd turns up and reveals that he’s just brought Michelle and Ryan back to the street – they’ve returned from Ireland.

Claire is frustrated when DI Parks turns up wanting to again question the witnesses to the fire as she’s sure that the police still think she may be the arsonist. Ashley is also worried when DI Parks has words with both Jerry and Jamie as he still has some doubts about Claire’s innocence himself.

Janice and Leanne get the flat in order in preparation for Roger to move in. Leanne is still guilty that Roger has been left so skint as she’s dragged her heels on paying back his money. She decides that she needs another investor – a businessman who can afford it – and she wonders whether to ask either Steve or Dev.

Also, Eileen has fun with the gossips who think her and Steve are an item.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

Steve is sure that things are over between him and Michelle, despite her surprise return. But it looks like Steve’s assumption is news to Michelle, who is stunned when Eileen points out that Steve thinks she has finished with him. Michelle heads over to the Rovers to speak to Steve and after a few glasses of wine put them in a more relaxed mood they both blurt out how much they’ve missed each other.

Liz is still driving Vernon round the bend as she struggles to keep her mind off smoking. Vernon thinks she needs something to replace her addiction but Liz spends most of her time trying to earwig Steve and Michelle’s conversation!

Norris is having terrible trouble with his bunions and Doreen thinks it’s a stress reaction to Angela’s upcoming funeral. Norris is still in two minds about whether to pay his final respects to his detested ex but Emily talks him into it and Norris declares he will go – even if it’s just to make sure that Angela is really dead!

Also, Becky gives Cilla an idea about a change of career.