This is cute, feelgood festive fun with sparkling turns from Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black.

London journalist Winslet is stuck on Rufus Sewell and is devastated when he decides to marry someone else. Meanwhile, in Hollywood, Diaz has just split up with Edward Burns.

Both women desperately need a change of scenery, so swap homes for the Christmas holidays.

Diaz ends up in a snowy picture-postcard cottage in Surrey where her life takes a surprising turn when Winslet’s brother Law unexpectedly turns up with a drunken smile at the door. Meanwhile, back in Hollywood, Winslet quickly befriends veteran screenwriter Eli Wallach and then jilted composer Black arrives on the scene…

The story is corny, but the stars have the charisma to carry it and then some. Charming, funny and very well-acted, this romcom is a good-natured treat.