Rob realises Karen is keen on Imogen working for Kingsley because it means she might end up staying in Letherbridge and they decide to go to Kingsley’s show that evening to be supportive. Kingsley’s entourage are putting the finishing touches to the gallery while he gives an inspiring speech.

When Rob and Karen arrive for the show they look out of place and the subject matter of the exhibition leaves them even more horrified about the kind of man Imogen is involved with. But as they see the adoration on Imogen’s face, they realise they are going to have to work hard to get her away from his clutches.

Daniel panics about the prostitute in his bed when Jed arrives at his house with a list from Zara of things she needs. He tries to usher Jed off to a cafe but an underwear-clad Antonia ruins that by entering the living room asking for her money.

In a foul mood, Daniel heads into work where he begins to comprehend the true horror of his situation. He snaps at Kevin who complains to Jimmi. Jimmi tries to offer an olive branch by inviting him out for a drink but, when Daniel throws it back in his face, Jimmi leaves affronted.

Also, Howard helps a young boy come to terms with the death of his mother.