The Hollins go on a road trip

When Jack receives a phone call from a good university, inviting him for interview that afternoon, Karen thinks it would be a great opportunity for a family outing. Imogen is far from delighted about the idea and the trip is a complete disaster; first the car won’t start, then they run out of petrol and then end up lost!

By the time they arrive at the university the family are barely speaking and Jack has to dash to his interview. He doesn’t get the place but his family reassure him, and on the way home the Hollins’s come together with a sing-song – even Imogen!

Meanwhile, Zara catches Ruth whispering to Michelle and Cherry, and mistakenly assumes Ruth has told everyone about her early menopause. Ruth reassures her that she hasn’t and Zara looks visibly relieved, but won’t admit this to Ruth.

Also, a woman planning the wedding of the century grows suspicious when her fiance seems to be having a lot of holiday vaccinations with Cherry. Turns out the fiance is making repeat visits to Cherry to help get over his fear of needles.

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