A brutal blend of modern-day Western and hard-boiled noir, this twisty crime thriller stars Patrick Wilson as a newly arrived small-town Arizona sheriff.

He goes up against a relentless cartel hitman (John Leguizamo) after stumbling upon an ammunition smuggling ring on the US-Mexico border (the film’s first surprise is that, thanks to lax US gun control, it is Americans smuggling bullets into Mexico).

The convoluted plot draws in so many characters – including Jim Belushi’s shifty car salesman and the sheriff’s weary ex, played by Lynn Collins – that the action sometimes goes off the boil, but Wilson makes a rugged hero, while Ian McShane is enjoyably ripe as the grizzled, whisky-swigging, morally compromised former sheriff he is replacing.

Brace yourself, though. Both of them really do get put through a bloody wringer before the end.