Bradley and Stacey return from their honeymoon loved up, but the reality of being back in Walford hits home and they decide to find their own flat to rent. The young couple are shown round Billy and Honey’s flat, much to Billy’s fury, and agree to take over the lease. Later, Stacey discovers that they’ve brought home the wrong case and Lauren’s video camera is missing. But there’s more bad news when Bradley finds out he’s lost his job!

Jase tries to make amends with Peggy and offers to pay for the damage to the Vic but Phil tells him they don’t need his money. Phil menacingly tells Jase that he can pay his debt in other ways and Jase worries about being obligated to a Mitchell. Jase wonders if he and Jay should move from the Square.

Ian is fuming that Pat has taken in Steven and he’s desperate to drive him out of Walford. Ian spies Steven pulling pints in the Vic and triumphantly tells Peggy that he’s not 18. But Ian’s attempts to prevent Steven getting a job are scuppered when Kevin agrees to let Steven manage Deano’s stall.

Also, Kevin turns down Phil when he asks him to shift some cars at the car lot for him…

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