The Hoyles confront John!

John has a surprise visitor as Chesney plays sleuth. Chesney’s now sure he’s onto something and fishes out a copy of the Gazette, looking for Joy’s obituary. Heading over to her old house he quizzes the neighbours about the circumstances surrounding Joy’s death and the people who came to visit her. He’s just waiting for someone to place John at the scene. Meanwhile, a fragile John is stunned to find the Hoyles on his doorstep.

Steve and Tracy’s fears for Amy are compounded when Dr Carter reveals that all her tests have come back normal, bar her allergy to milk. If she isn’t drinking milk then they’ll need to do more tests, maybe a stint in hospital. Immediately Steve and Tracy’s worries over Amy increase even more.

When Rosie comes onto Tommy, asking him to help with some DIY at the Websters, he needs no further encouragement. Flirty Rosie orders him to strip and wait upstairs. This time Rosie has Tommy bang to rights.

Also, Sophie and Sian become more involved with the homeless charity; Eileen sets Sean up on a blind date; Norris tries to warn Rita off Dennis.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

John quickly bundles the Hoyles outside, telling them not to come again as his new girlfriend won’t be happy. He agrees to go to theirs to talk, but as he arrives it’s clear John’s a man on the edge once more. As the Hoyles reveal his little brother Chesney came to visit he realises he’s on to him and they too want to know why he’s living on Coronation Street, the very place Charlotte died. John knows he can’t talk his way out of this one. Asking them to show him their basement bar, John turns sinister.

Kevin and Tyrone row when Kevin suggests they spend money on new tools. When they then have to turn down a job because they don’t have a hydraulic lift Kevin feels vindicated. Aware that they can’t carry on working like this, Kevin has a shocking proposition for Tyrone.

Sean’s been duped by Eileen, his blind date is Marcus. But as they relax in each other’s company it’s clear the spark’s still there and Marcus moves in for a kiss.

Also, Gail offers Kylie and David her support in gaining access to Max; Amy enjoys having her mum and dad looking after her; Tommy causes a stir in the Rovers.

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