A massive rescue operation is launched as Danny, and Alice’s daughter Charlotte are caught up in the storm. Charlotte is trapped in the rubble of the vet hut, but with her uncle Rowan supervising the rescue, she is soon pulled free, shocked but unharmed. Charlotte cries out for mum Alice, who is battling through the bush to seek help for an unconscious and injured Danny.

Alice manages to hitch a ride back to Mara, where Rowan suggests using the Mara helicopter to search for Danny. Charlotte bravely urges her mum to go and help search for Danny, who has woken up alone and wounded to find a wild dog circling his crashed vehicle, undeterred by his attempts to ward it off. Meanwhile, Rowan offers to fly the chopper as the pilot is too drunk.

As Vanessa joins Rowan in the helicopter, Du Plessis, Alice and Evan look for car tracks – but as the rain has washed them away, Alice wracks her brains to retrace her route. The trio fear the worst when they find Danny’s empty vehicle, little knowing he’s making his way alone in the bush. At sunrise, a delirious Danny collapses and the wild dog goes in for the kill – until Alice’s giraffe appears…

Soon enough, Vanessa spots Danny from the air and insists that Rowan land the helicopter. Vanessa races over to an unconscious Danny, and is relieved to find he’s alive! But Danny’s troubles are far from over as Vanessa and Alice vie for his affections.