Callum is hurt when his character is called into question over Mickey’s disappearance. While co-ordinating search teams, Miranda is forced to swallow hostilities with Nicola for Mickey’s sake. However, the search teams have no luck in finding Mickey and he remains missing overnight.

Later, Toadie is upset to discover Callum is also missing and blames himself. Fraught with worry, Lou lashes out in anger. Elsewhere, Callum’s own one-man search for Mickey reaps results in the city and the Toadie and Dan aren’t too far behind. Will they be reunited?

Meanwhile, Nicola worries after hearing that Pete Ferguson is out on bail. Susan urges Nicola to tell Miranda about what happened with Pete in hospital but she refuses. Steve urges the police to take Pete’s threat seriously but they aren’t certain he is involved.

Declan has a brain wave that Mickey could be at the warehouse and the teens head there. But disaster strikes when they end up getting locked in. Luckily, Rebecca and Dan come to their rescue.

Also, Rachel agrees to join Ty’s band to keep Donna quiet.