The hunt is on for missing Amy

It’s the day of Amy Tennant’s memorial celebration and DI Sam Nixon is hell bent on finding new leads into her disappearance. When a strange man is caught hanging around the church and his story doesn’t add up, Sam’s sure she’s on to a winner. The man turns out to be a guilt-ridden bigamist who thinks he saw Amy on the day she went missing.

Later, a friend of the Tennants, Shelley Fitzgerald, steals something from Amy’s bedroom at the memorial party. Further investigation leads police to an allotment where the body of Shelley’s baby – who died from cot death years earlier – is discovered.

Shelley’s granted bail and just when it looks like its back to the drawing board, CCTV footage of Shelley and Amy is found…

Elsewhere, Pcs Emma Hinckley and Diane Noble come across an abandoned van in the middle of the road. When they break open the van a herd of scared sheep escape. It appears that the stolen sheep were en route to an illegal slaughter house, destined to become kebab meat. Emma is shaken up after being threatened with a knife during an arrest – and husband Matt only makes her feel worse.