Director Kathryn Bigelow’s sizzling battlefield movie follows the story of an elite US Army bomb disposal squad, led by Jeremy Renner, in Baghdad.

An on-fire Renner scalds the screen as the independently minded staff sergeant who perversely enjoys the feeling-alive buzz of putting himself and his pals in dire deadly risk on a day-to-day basis.

Guy Pearce, Ralph Fiennes and David Morse put in useful cameos and Anthony Mackie and Brian Geraghty are superb as the other squad members.

The documentary-style film-making feels so intense you’re reeling afterwards, yet there’s real sensitivity and intelligence behind it as well.

A triumph at the Oscars (particularly for Bigelow who beat her ex-husband James Cameron to Best Director) and Baftas, where it won six awards at each, though Renner missed out both times.