Gail‘s not happy when she discovers that Nick and Eva are an item. Meanwhile, when Max says he wants Becky to take him to nativity rehearsals Kylie notes the tactful way Becky handles this. Grateful Kylie asks Becky to join them, suggesting it would be better for Max if Becky spent more time with him. Becky’s emotional as the sisters edge closer.

Sally’s chuffed when Frank invites her to attend the meeting with Leydon and when Leydon seeks assurances they can cope with such a sizeable order, it’s Sally who steps in to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, Sophie’s jealous as Amber spends time with Arj. Feeling guilty she goes home to Sian, but knocks a drink over Sian’s laptop, which has her coursework on it. Sian’s furious so Sophie seeks solace at the shop where Amber confronts her and asks why she told Dev about Arj being in the flat.

Stella and Karl invite Lloyd for dinner as operation cheer-up begins.

Also, when Matt hears Nick’s looking for waitressing staff he pushes Tina forward, exaggerating her experience. He gets her an interview, but Tina isn’t happy…