Miles has gone missing and Leah, Romeo and Alf go looking for him. Colleen manages to put some life into the party by leading some carol singing. Martha, Gina and Xavier are all still reeling from Hugo’s departure.

Xavier’s memory starts to come back and he’s increasingly concerned that Hugo is in danger, especially when he learns that Derrick has escaped police custody. When Xavier finally recalls that the argument Derrick and Hugo were having concerned a container on the wharf, Xavier decides he has to immediately go to the closest container terminal: Port Heron. Alf is roped into driving Xavier and Romeo there.

Hugo is confronted by Suzy. She says she has a way of insuring Hugo returns to Indonesia with her the following day. Hugo tries to call Martha but it’s too late: Suzy has kidnapped her.

Charlie is furious about Derrick’s escape. The Intelligence services say they think they have cracked the code on the paper found in Bambang’s toy. A ‘container 17’ is mentioned and Charlie goes to Port Heron. She opens the container and is shocked to find emaciated refugees. The mastermind behind the scheme turns up and his identity is revealed. Summer Bay may never be the same again.