Set to go to the illegal dance party, the teens’ cover is almost blown when Bridget blabs to her parents. Zeke comes to the rescue convincing the parents that they are going to a movie marathon. But as they leave, a carload of suspicious adults follow them. Meanwhile, Elle and Riley defy Brad to get the scoop on the illegal dance party scene. Ned is shocked to discover that Steve and Miranda are unwilling to purchase the house with Janae. Initially, he wants to pull out of the deal but worries about missing out on providing a secure home for Mickey. Realising he has to tell Janae the bad news, Ned tries to convince Steve to change his mind. But when Miranda proposes pulling out altogether, Ned is left knowing he must persuade Janae to back out, or give up the opportunity to give Mickey a home. Karl and Susan assume Libby and Darren’s relationship is over following Libby’s revelation that she’s not moving back to Shepparton. While Darren can’t believe he has to give up everything for a second chance, he later tells Libby he’s willing to do it. But he’s astonished to learn that they won’t be living together. Still hurting, it seems Libby is unwilling to compromise completely.