Following Paul’s fall from the Lassiters balcony, police investigations are underway. Lucas and Toadie watch on as Lyn arrives saying she thinks Paul was pushed. When Toadie spots Diana he tells her what happened and that Paul survived, but is in intensive care. However, she cuts the conversation short and tells him she is leaving Erinsborough. Detective Brennan arrives at the hospital to ask Rebecca some questions and tells her they have reason to believe Paul didn’t fall, and that he was pushed.

Paul’s ex-wife, Lyn is next on Detective Brennan’s list for questioning. When he shows her a photo of an earring found near the crime scene, Lyn remembers seeing Diana wearing the same pair. When asked about the relationship between Diana and Paul, Lyn shows the detective the newspaper article and tells him that Paul fired her. Hot on her trail, Detective Brennan stops Diana at the airport. Following further questioning, Diana is free to leave the station, but Detective Brennan takes her passport. Diana assures him her statement will check out and that he should be speaking to Rebecca.

Detective Brennan arrives to see Rebecca, offering her the chance to tell the truth. With Rebecca heading off to the police station, Declan calls Toadie, telling him they need his help.

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