The jewel of denial

When Peter goes out Christmas shopping he leaves a jeweller’s bag in Karl’s taxi. Presuming it’s a gift for Leanne, Stella has a sneaky peek at the necklace inside before asking Karl to return it to Peter. Peter’s relieved, unaware that Stella has looked through the bag.

Deirdre‘s outraged at the way Tracy let Steve believe Becky pushed her down the stairs, but Tracy insists it’s the only way she can hang onto him. Steve’s a broken man as he accuses a stunned Becky of causing Tracy to lose the babies. Insisting it was an accident Becky confronts Tracy. As Steve accuses Becky of murdering his unborn children Deirdre’s horrified and remonstrates with Tracy for her lie. Faced with a terrible dilemma Deirdre continues to lie for Tracy.

The feud between David and Owen escalates when David uses the outside plug socket at No 6 to supply the electric for the makeshift salon. As Anna’s house is plunged into darkness, David insists it’s fair game.

Also, as the Websters throw themselves into wedding preparations Sian misreads Sophie’s anxiety as upset that their pastor has refused to conduct a wedding blessing.