The joke’s on Zac and John!

Marilyn accidently reveals to Jett and VJ that Zac and John are purposely making them train hard so they will give up boxing. So the boys trick them into a confession, and now have no intention of giving up boxing.

Hannah surfaces from under the water, Andy grabs her and swims back to shore. Nate says Hannah is fine; although everyone is horrified that Andy took Hannah out to water. Hannah defends Andy and says it was all her idea and the pair kiss and become intimate for the first time since Hannah’s accident.

Maddy’s desperate to prove she can do well at school despite her illness and break-up with Oscar. Roo becomes worried and asks Spencer to help her study. The next day, Maddy panics and admits she can’t face Oscar and runs home from school.

Evelyn calls Josh and says they shouldn’t judge Andy’s present actions on his past life. She also reveals she’s told Hannah they are sleeping together. Josh says he’ll keep an open mind to Andy if she doesn’t discuss their sex life.